Stopping Robocalls

Robocall Data

US Nationwide Robocall Data

Q1 2019 saw 15.3 billion robocalls, the highest volume ever

About 15.5 calls per person per month*

Robocalls by Category

Robocalls by category chart


Mitigate unwanted robocalls and bad actors who use caller ID spoofing to increase the chances of speaking to a subscriber


FCC and Congress’s message to Communication Service Providers
“Resistance is Futile”

Stop Robocallers with Ribbon and Neustar

STIR-SHAKEN Carrier Architecture

STIR-SHAKEN Carrier Architecture

Complimenting STIR-SHAKEN with Analytics

Robo protect

STIR-SHAKEN and RoboProtect are complementary functionalities:

  • STIR-SHAKEN provides relevant CDR data, e.g. originator ID; SPAM indicators, call priority & redirection information

  • RoboProtect provides behavioral analytics logic to identify Robocalls/Spam beyond 3rd party DBs

    • Keep track of who is sending “what type of traffic”

    • Monitor & profile user behavior within the network

STIR-SHAKEN with Analytics

Partnering to Solve STIR-SHAKEN

ribbon and neustar stir-shaken partners

Ribbon is the leader in transforming and securing VoIP networks

  • North American market leader in Session Border Controllers

  • Carrier Grade solutions deployed at over 250 Service Providers around the globe

Neustar is the leading global information services provider driving the connected world forward with trusted, holistic identity resolution

  • Pioneer in call authentication

  • Market leader in Caller ID services

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