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Kandy Business Solution’s UC as a Service, enables partners to focus on time-to-market and customer relationships instead of infrastructure. The solution delivers all of the benefits of a cloud-based service – with minimal upfront capital investments and low on going operations costs. Ideal for multinational organizations, Kandy Cloud UC provides a consistent feature set across the globe. Ribbon has provided a variety of tools and resources to help you get to market quickly and assist you in driving demand. Click on the links below to access content to get started!

Kandy Wrappers - Packaged Applications

Kandy Wrappers are revenue-ready, pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that can be inserted into websites or applications to endow them with embedded real-time communications capabilities. Wrappers are a solution for market verticals & large enterprises to help enable digital transformation strategies; especially for those enterprises looking for low-code or no-code solutions with the flexibility to customize their experience and drive engagement.

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