Packet and Optical Networking Solutions

With 5G Native transport solutions delivering secure, deterministic services


While the term “network slicing” typically brings up an association with 5G technology and services, they are not directly related. Network slicing simply is the ability for to carve out multiple virtual networks, with significantly different performance characteristics, from a common physical infrastructure. Here’s what you need to know about network slicing technologies:

Network Slicing Brochure
5G Optimized Transport

Demand has never been higher

Ribbon’s Packet andOptical Networking portfolio is powered by its industry-leading Neptune and Apollo family of products.

Neptune is at the forefront of next-generation packet transport technology. Native 5G capabilities make the Neptune family of products a leader in 5G packet transport solutions, and with Elastic MPLS it is able to cost-efficiently support diverse service needs on aright-size platform.

Apollo’s family of optical transport and switching platforms interwork seamlessly to provide scalable, high-density, and energy-efficient solutions from access to core. Apollo enables service providers to deploy optical networks that continue lowering the cost per bit,while simultaneously providing advanced packet services, high-efficiency end-to-end operations and SDN applications.

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