Making Calls from Microsoft Teams?

What you need to know about maintaining secure, reliable communications.

Adopting Calling in Teams makes it easy for people to talk to each other, but what about the rest of your real-time communications?

Ribbon session border controllers (SBCs) ensure that everything stays connected.  You can use calling plans from your communications service provider (CSP) and interconnect your existing equipment.


Protect from
bad actors

  • Eavesdropping
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Toll Fraud
  • Device Profiling

Connect to legacy equipment

  • Physical Ports
  • Digital and Analog
  • Transcoding
  • PBX, Fax, Common area Phones


  • Connects calls if the Phone System Cannot be Reached
  • Internal and external
  • Survivability

Microsoft-certified SBCs right-sized for your business

Ribbon SBCs have spent decades securing real-time communications in the networks of some of the world’s largest service providers.  You can bring that same level of reliability to your Teams Calling deployment. Our SBCs, both physical appliances and software editions, are certified for Direct Routing, ensuring Microsoft’s support for connecting to the Phone System.


In The Cloud

Migrate to Teams Calling at Your Own Pace

Ribbon SBCs keep old connected to new as you move people and systems to Teams Calling.  Whether you decide to move by location or group, Ribbon SBCs manage all of the interworking ensuring your business can continue to communicate.

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