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Ribbon acquired the Nortel Carrier business – we have the people and products to secure your communications future


CS 2100 Roadmap & Modernization
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IM, Presence, Directory, Voice, Video & Screen Share


We get it – replacing desk phones is 50% or more of a UC migration.  It’s OK… you can keep what you have and upgrade as needs arise.  Even use legacy Nortel phones with new Smart Office UC clients
UC migrations are often derailed by the thousands of legacy analog endpoints and devices (elevators, service modems, door controllers, etc.) as well as long loop cooper cabling that can’t be replaced.

Analog Terminal Support

Ribbon’s high density G5 analog gateway (analog to SIP) is the answer with up to 768 ports per chassis.  Cost effectively maintain existing endpoints and cabling – migrate to a modern SIP core.
High Density G5 Analog Gateway – 768 ports per Chassis


Select SIP devices from industry leaders
Better value and long term investment protection
Reuse TDM & Analog phones

Your CS 2100 is fulLY SUPPORTED
- Upgrade to se 19

Ribbon’s C20 and Application Server (AS) share a common heritage with the CS 2100 and SL-100
Our R&D teams have spent seven years and hundreds of millions of dollars enhancing your solution - you can move forward: 
  • Next generation VoIP and UC
    services from SE
  • Migrate to COTS hardware or
    fully virtualized platforms with hardware freedom
  • Legendary reliability and massive scale
  • Massive scale – 2 million lines per instance
  • Open SIP  - no proprietary end points
  • Cost effective analog
    device support via high-density analog gateways (768 ports/chassis)
  • Familiar Nortel administration and user experience
  • Preserve endpoints and cabling with Ribbon’s high density gateways

WHY Ribbon?

Ribbon is a global leader in real time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises and systems integrators in over 80 countries. Our IP-PBX and UC solutions are designed to carrier standards - scalable, reliable secure and built to open standards


Ribbon's Application Server is JITC Certified (LSC and ESC)
for secure deployments.


Has part of your organization adopted another UC platform? Ribbon’s open solutions won’t slow you down. Leverage your existing CS 2100 to manage the integration.

Ribbon Has Your Back

Our professional services teams have decades of Experience supporting large migrations. we work with some of the best re-sellers in the business