Is the high cost of analog stations holding you back from UC?

Many enterprises have chosen to replace legacy PBX systems with premise and cloud UC solutions, but have left the legacy systems in place which continues to drive analog station needs. This trend is driven by the relatively high cost of new analog station gear when compared to the cost of sweating an existing asset. Many of the legacy PBX systems are finally starting to show an increases in component failure rates, and the "sweat the asset" strategy now carries an increased risk – making a high density solution at an appealing price a the way to go.

You need a High-Density, Carrier-Grade SIP Media Gateway

Lets talk about Problems

The most popular Unified Communications solutions don’t have a strong Analog Station story

Deploying Multiple Analog Station Gateways is Expensive

Sweating legacy PBX assets is getting more expensive every day

Even though 75% of Enterprises in the US have deployed some form of Unified Communications


of IT Managers that say there is no single solution suitable for all employees


of IT Managers that say Cost is a major obstacle to complete UC Migration

We've Got the Solution!

Ribbon's G5 Line Access Gateway

Cost effectively deliver analog stations with new Unified Communications solutions.

Carrier-Grade High Density Gateway

3rd Party

Long Loop


30-40% more cost efficient than alternatives

Ribbon G5 Comparison - BIG SAVINGS!

G5 line access gateway comparison chart

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Problem Solved

The G5 Line Access Gateway is compatible with SIP Call Control platforms from Ribbon, Cisco, Microsoft, and others - making it ideal for serving patient rooms, guest rooms, and dorm rooms in addition to meeting business analog station needs.


Carrier Grade



High-density Analog Solution

The G5 Line Access Gateway provides high-density analog line support, with 768 stations supported from a 10U rack mounted chassis. The G5 is a SIP media gateway, making it an ecient analog station solution for Uniffied Communications across multiple platforms, including those from Cisco, Microsoft, and more.

G5 Gateway

G5 Advantages

  • Carrier Grade SIP Line Access Gateway for reliable “Lights Off" operation

  • Replaces Aging Legacy Line Access Equipment or Supports Greenfield Line Deployments

  • Integrates with Ribbon or Third Party Sip Application Servers (Cisco, Microsoft, Broadsoft, etc)

  • High Density – Low Power – New Technolgy

  • Emergency Stand Alone (ESA) capability

  • 768 analog FXS ports in a 10U Rack Mounted Chassis (up to 24 32 port line cards)

  • Drives long loop lengths (5 Miles) typically found in Large PBX deployments

G5 Line Access Gateway Datasheet